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Urbanistica Cover 98

Issue 98, 1990

from Urbanistica


In this issue:
  1. Marittima and Arsenale in the context of urban transformation in Venice

    [ita] Marittima e Arsenale nel contesto delle trasformazioni urbane a Venezia

    by M. Gambuzza

  2. Lagoon views

    [ita] Vedute della laguna

    by G. Ferraro

  3. The Venezia Nuova Consortium, for the public protection of Venice

    [ita] Il Consorzio Venezia Nuova, concessionario dello Stato per la salvaguardia di Venezia

    by F. Bandarin

  4. The housing in Venice

    [ita] La casa a Venezia

    by M. Folin

  5. Uneven ground

    [ita] Il suolo ineguale

    by L. Mazza

  6. Infrastructures for the mobility (and the town planning) in the new Venice dimension

    [ita] Infrastrutture per la mobilità (e l'urbanistica) nella nuova dimensione di Venezia

    by G. Zambrini

  7. Notes about the issue of the Venice subway

    [ita] Appunti sulla questione della metropolitana di Venezia

    by M. R. Vittadini

  8. Some limits to social delegitimation of public institutions in the urban administration

    [ita] Alcuni limiti alla delegittimazione sociale delle istituzioni pubbliche di governo urbano

    by M. Sernini

  9. Rules literacy and building of the civic society

    [ita] Alfabetizzazione normativa e costruzione della società civile

    by C. Bianchetti

  10. Reviews

    [ita] Recensioni

    by C. Merlini

  11. The urban dimension of the recovery

    [ita] La dimensione urbanistica del recupero

    by P. Avarello

  12. The tools box for the analysis of the public policies

    [ita] La scatola degli attrezzi per l'analisi delle politiche

    by P. Fareri

  13. Nets of cities. Interpretative and planning issues

    [ita] Reti di città: questioni interpretative e progettuali

    by A. Lanzani

  14. The Biennial exhibition of Venice: the opinion of Francesco Dal Co about intents and projects

    [ita] La Biennale di Venezia: il parere di Francesco Dal Co su intenzioni e progetti

  15. Trends of the plan

    [ita] Tendenze sul piano

  16. Guides for the social science

    [ita] Guide per le scienze sociali

  17. Observing the policies for Venice: why?

    [ita] Osservare le politiche per Venezia: perché?

    by P. L. Crosta

  18. Policies for Venice

    [ita] Politiche per Venezia

    by C. Merlini

  19. Three plans

    [ita] Tre piani

    by B. Secchi

  20. Editorial

    [ita] Editoriale

  21. Medieval and modern: Gino Zani and San Marino reconstruction

    [ita] Medioevale e moderno: Gino Zani e il rifacimento di San Marino

    by G. Zucconi

  22. Urban walls: building and destruction

    [ita] Le mura urbane: costruzione e distruzione

  23. Urban project for Mestre

    [ita] Un progetto urbanistico per Mestre

    by F. Infussi

  24. Scattered town

    [ita] Una città dispersa

    by F. Spanò

  25. English summaries

    [ita] English summaries

  26. Town planning

    [ita] Urbanistica

    by C. Bianchetti

  27. Special Issue: Tourism and Planning

    [deu] Themenheft: Tourismus und Raumplanung

  28. What has tourism got to do with spatial planning? About intensifying a mutual process of perception

    [deu] Was hat Tourismus mit Raumplanung zu tun? Zur Intensivierung eines gegenseitigen Wahrnehmungsprozesses

    by Wolfgang Scholz

  29. Where is the journey going to? Tourism and sustainability: still no solution in sight

    [deu] Wohin geht die Reise? Tourismus und Nachhaltigkeit: noch immer keine Lösung in Sicht

    by Carsten Grashoff

  30. Regional development of the holiday region Rhön

    [deu] Regionalentwicklung in der Urlaubsregion Rhön

    by Barbara Reddig

  31. Dreamscapes of visual consumption? City tourism in the 21st Century

    [deu] Traumlandschaften visuellen Konsums? Städtetourismus im 21. Jahrhundert

    by Deike Peters

  32. Planning for pilgrims Preparation and organisation of the event „Giubileo 2000“ in Ro

    [deu] Planungen für Pilger. Vorbereitung und Organisation des Events "Giubileo" im Jahr 2000 in Rom

    by Manuel Reimann

  33. Spatial structure and mobility Analysis of individual space-time-behaviour

    [deu] Raumstruktur und Mobilität Analysen individuellen Raum-Zeit-Verhaltens

    by Marion Kreitz

  34. Being international or not? How does the education of spatial planners in Germany have to react on globalisation?

    [deu] International sein oder nicht sein? Wie muss die Raumplanerausbildung in Deutschland auf die Globalisierung reagieren?

    by Klaus R. Kunzmann

  35. Science with a scalpel Perspectives of a theory-led sociology of spatial planning

    [deu] Wissenschaft mit Skalpell Perspektiven einer theoriegeleiteten Soziologie der Raumplanung

    by Sabine Thabe