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Urbanistica Cover 96

Issue 96, 1989

from Urbanistica


In this issue:
  1. The flexible plan

    [ita] Il piano flessibile

    by B. Secchi

  2. Times Square: an unmanageable problem in the making (1967-1987)

    [ita] Times Square, New York City: la costruzione di un problema ingovernabile (1967-1987)

    by P. Fareri

  3. Municipal engineers in Milan 1870-1876

    [ita] Ingegneri municipali a Milano 1860-1876

    by I. Balestreri

  4. Territorial contexts and settlement situations

    [ita] Contesti territoriali e situazioni insediative

    by A. Lanzani

  5. Dealing with difference and urban theories

    [ita] Il trattamento delle differenze e le teorie urbane

    by A. Tosi

  6. Territorial contexts and situations in Piedmont: outlines for a regional geography of possible entities

    [ita] Contesti e situazioni territoriali in Piemonte. Abbozzo di una geografia regionale dei possibili

    by G. Dematteis

  7. Description of the local between models and planning

    [ita] La rappresentazione del locale fra modelli e progettualità

    by S. Tancredi

  8. Territorial situations and settlement contexts: notes toward a new geography of western Sicily

    [ita] Situazioni territoriali e contesti insediativi. Appunti per una nuova geografia della Sicilia occidentale

    by V. Guarrasi

  9. Morphogenesis in landscape study: a critique

    [ita] Scientismo e morfologia nello studio dei paesaggi. Per una critica

    by G. Consonni

  10. 70 The characteristics of the agricultural landscape and the rural architecture in Gera d'Adda today

    [ita] Caratteri del paesaggio agrario e dell'architettura rurale della Gera d'Adda in età contemporanea

    by M. Paramatti

  11. Elements of continuity and change in settlement forms and in the sociopolitical landscapes of the Veneto region

    [ita] Elementi di continuità e di mutamento nelle forme insediative e nei paesaggi politico-sociali del Veneto

    by L. Vettoretto

  12. Territorial research and urbanistic inquiry

    [ita] Ricerche territoriali e indagine urbanistica

    by P. Palermo

  13. Reviews

    [ita] Recensioni

    by C. Merlini

  14. Three sets for the American city: competition for Milwaukee

    [ita] Tre scenari per la città americana: un concorso per Milwaukee

    by L. Piperno

  15. Metamorphosis of the social forms in Ledrut

    [ita] Le metamorfosi del sociale in Ledrut

    by M. Cremaschi

  16. A "Constellation" of town planning guides

    [ita] Bologna. La formazione della periferia

  17. Planning and market of the real estate: an international collaboration

    [ita] Pianificazione e mercato immobiliare: una collaborazione internazionale

    by R. Laera

  18. A kind of California in the novels by Nathanael West, John Fante, Christopher Isherwood, Jim Thompson

    [ita] Una certa California nei romanzi di Nathanael West, John Fante, Cristopher Isherwood, Jim Thompson

    by M. Rigolo

  19. Glasgow: after the decline

    [ita] Glasgow: dopo il declino

    by R. Paloscia

  20. Elements of urban transformation in Glasgow

    [ita] Elementi della trasformazione urbana a Glasgow

    by A. Gibb

  21. The birth of the post-industrial town

    [ita] La genesi della città post-industriale

    by W. F. Lever

  22. Urban revival or rediscovery of the cities

    [ita] Revival urbano ovvero la riscoperta della città

    by A. G. Vogt

  23. Requalification of the east end: the gear project

    [ita] La riqualificazione dell'east end: il gear project

    by R. Paloscia

  24. English summaries

    [ita] English summaries

  25. Towards a new epoch in development The influence of external decisions on the urban development of Bonn

    [deu] Auf dem Weg in eine neue Entwicklungsepoche. Der Einfluss externer Entscheidungen auf dsie Bonner Stadtentwicklung.

    by Sigurd Trommer

  26. Crisis or chance? Effects of the decision to move the capital on the surrounding area of Bonn and the urban-regional co-operation. An interview

    [deu] Krise oder Chance? Auswirkungen des Hauptstadtbeschlusses auf das Umland und die stadtregionale Zusammenarbeit

    by Petra Potz

  27. From a trading estate to a service-centre Structural change in the neighbourhoods of Bonn: the Forum Bonn Nord

    [deu] Vom Gewerbegebiet zum Dienstleistungszentrum. Strukturwandel in den Bonner Stadtteilen: das Forum Bonn Nord

    by Karl-Heinz Schommer

  28. Federal state or federal region? The reorientation of the Bonn metropolitan area – shown by a selection of projects

    [deu] Bundesstadt oder Bundesregion? Die Neuorientierung des Bonner Raums am Beispiel ausgewählter Projekte

    by Kirsten Büscher

  29. Oriented towards the everyday life of the people An interview with the chief architect of the city of Munich, Christiane Thalgott

    [deu] Orientierung am Alltag der Menschen. Interview mit der Münchner Stadtbaurätin Christiane Thalgott

    by Gisela Stete

  30. Editorial

    [ita] Editoriale

  31. Town planning

    [ita] Urbanistica

    by C. Bianchetti

  32. Zodiac: an interview to Manfredo Tafuri

    [ita] Zodiac: un'intervista a Manfredo Tafuri

    by C. Bianchetti

  33. Special issue: The urban region of Bonn – 10 years after the decision to move the capital to Berlin.

    [deu] Schwerpunkt: Stadtregion Bonn - 10 Jahre nach dem Hauptstadtbeschluss

  34. Protecting land, conserving landscape Six theses about settlement development in an international context

    [deu] Flächen sparen, Landschaft schonen. Sechs Thesen zur Siedlungsentwicklung aus dem internationalen Kontext

    by Dieter Apel

  35. Video-controlled cities? Planning and security in public space

    [deu] Videoüberwachte Stadt? Planung und Sicherheit im Raum

    by Philipp Stierand