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Urbanistica Cover n.100/1993

Issue 100, 1993

from Urbanistica


In this issue:
  1. Ideas of landscape and society

    [ita] Idee di paesaggio e società

    by R. Gambino

  2. Noise: reflections about a new urban issue

    [ita] Rumore: riflessione attorno ad una nuova questione urbana

    by P. Viganò

  3. Reviews

    [ita] Recensioni

    by C. Merlini

  4. The spaces of the "public"

    [ita] Gli spazi del "pubblico"

    by M. Cremaschi

  5. Historical centre: general report on the method

    [ita] Il centro storico: relazione generale sul metodo

    by G. Galliani

  6. Notes on the morphological structure

    [ita] Note sulla struttura morfologica

    by M. Bandini

  7. Settlement types and town planning tools

    [ita] Tipologie insediative e strumenti urbanistici

    by C. Mazzoleni

  8. The characteristics of the enforced General Master Plans and the problems arising from their management

    [ita] Le caratteristiche dei P.R.G. vigenti ed i problemi emersi dalla loro gestione

    by M. Zumbo

  9. 100 issues, thanks ever so much! The anniversary of “RaumPlanung” – thanks to the commitment of many collaborators

    [deu] 100 Hefte, 1.000 Dank! Jubiläum der „RaumPlanung“ – dank dem Engagement vieler Mitstreiter

    by Dietmar Scholich

  10. Urban issues

    [ita] Problemi metropolitani

    by D. Cecchini

  11. Perret and Le Corbusier

    [ita] Perret e Le Corbusier

    by M. Lupo

  12. Innovative transport systems, or the awkward advance of overloaded decisions

    [ita] I sistemi innovativi di trasporto, ovvero, il difficile avanzamento di decisioni sovraccariche

    by P. Fareri

  13. Cases of urban infrastructure reconstruction

    [ita] Esperienza di reinfrastrutturazione urbana. (Una rassegna di interventi per la mobilità collettiva)

    by A. Ciocia

  14. Innovation in municipal transport: questions and experiences

    [ita] L'innovazione nel trasporto pubblico urbano: questioni ed esperienze

    by A. Ciocia

  15. Paris. Nostalgia, on the opinion of Eugène Dabit

    [ita] Parigi. Nostalgia, secondo Eugéne Dabit

    by M. Leoncini

  16. The urban project of Messina

    [ita] Il progetto urbano di Messina

    by P. Gabellini

  17. The building of the town planning

    [ita] La costruzione dell'urbanistica

    by G. De Luca

  18. The comfort of silence

    [ita] Il comfort del silenzio

    by P. Viganò

  19. Veneto: industrial archaeology

    [ita] Il Veneto dell'archeologia industriale

    by P. Di Biagi

  20. Town planning and analysis of the public policies

    [ita] Urbanistica e analisi delle politiche pubbliche

    by A. Balducci

  21. Familiar with any kind of world. An interview with the urban planner and architect Hans Harms

    [deu] In vielen Welten zuhause. Ein Interview mit dem Städtebauer und Architekten Hans Harms

    by Sabine Baumgart

  22. The contents of the preliminary project

    [ita] I contenuti del Progetto Preliminare

    by P. Fusero

  23. European City Visions. Defining Research Needs

    [deu] European City Visions. Defining Research Needs

  24. Rumeurs

    [ita] Rumeurs

    by M. Venturi

  25. English summaries

    [ita] English Summaries

  26. The city of fragments

    [ita] La città dei frammenti

    by M. Balbo

  27. A "light-weight" transport system for Venice

    [ita] Un sistema gomma-ferro-acqua per Venezia

    by L. Guerrini

  28. A transport plan for Venice

    [ita] Un piano di trasporti per Venezia

    by N. Ventura

  29. Ideas on urban development in the 21st century. Four evaluations between research and practice

    [deu] Gedanken zur Stadtentwicklung im 21. Jahrhundert. Vier Einschätzungen aus Forschung und Praxis

    by Franz Pesch

  30. New forms of rationality

    [ita] Nuove forme di razionalità

    by B. Secchi

  31. Special issue: Future of the city

    [deu] Themenschwerpunkt: Zukunft der Stadt

  32. Project as protection

    [ita] Il progetto come protezione

    by J. Vicari

  33. Guard rails for the orientation of the city of tomorrow. The national research field ExWoSt “Cities of the future”

    [deu] Leitplanken für den Kurs zur Stadt von morgen. Das ExWoSt-Forschungsfeld „Städte der Zukunft“

    by Manfred Fuhrich

  34. The events

    [ita] La vicenda

    by P. Fusero

  35. The fundamental criteria of the project

    [ita] I criteri fondamentali del progetto

    by B. Gabrielli

  36. Guiding principles and models of spatial town development. The relevancy in planning practice

    [deu] Leitbilder der räumlichen Stadtentwicklung. Relevanz in der Planungspraxis

    by Klaus Spiekermann

  37. Preliminary project for the 1990 Piacenza Master Plan

    [ita] Progetto preliminare di P. R.G. '90 del comune di Piacenza

  38. Ten suggestions for the future urban policies in Northrhine-Westfalia

    [deu] Zehn Anregungen zur zukünftigen Stadtpolitik in Nordrhein-Westfalen

    by Klaus R. Kunzmann

  39. Editorial

    [ita] Editoriale

  40. Infinite width. Realities and possibilities of the metropolitan region Ruhr 2030

    [deu] Unendliche Weite. Wirklichkeiten und Möglichkeiten der Städteregion Ruhr 2030

    by Benjamin Davy

  41. Town planning

    [ita] Urbanistica

    by C. Bianchetti

  42. Moscow subway. A laboratory of the socialist realism

    [ita] La metropolitana di Mosca. Un laboratorio del realismo socialista

    by A. De Magistris